Overwatch's new Paris map has a playable piano, and boy are people playing it

If you're the type who always winds up behind the piano at house parties, well, let me take this opportunity to say: stop it. But also, you might be pleased to hear that Overwatch's new Paris map, which hit the game's PTR today, is fully functional. The caveat? You can only really play it with your gun. Sorry.

Folk on reddit have been quick to notice, uploading a range of videos demonstrating everything from Beethoven's Fur Elise, through to Mary Had A Little Lamb.

I can't embed reddit posts here, but here's a few I've found on YouTube. Firstly, someone belting out Beethoven's timeless banger Fur Elise:

...and here's someone's rendition of the Undertale track 'Megalovania':

...and here's Soldier 76 playing the Super Mario Bros theme.

At the rate things are going, someone will have conquered Cecil Taylor's Conquistador by this time next week. Until then, here's one of our favorite streamers, Fareeha, taking on La Vie En Rose.

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Shaun Prescott

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