Antigraviator, the Wipeout-style racing game with no speed limit, launches in June

Antigraviator, we said in our March preview, is "a beautiful and overwhelmingly fast sci-fi racer" in the spirit of games like F-Zero and Wipeout. It was expected at the time to be out sometime this summer, and so it will be: Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced today that it will come off the line on June 6. 

The game features four unique sci-fi worlds with three tracks each, customizable ships, and the usual array of power-ups, boosters, traps and weapons to use against your rival racers. A single-player campaign offers unlockable parts, ships, and skins, and multiplayer is supported via online racing and split-screen local action for up to four players. The soundtrack is pretty pumping too, if you like that sort of thing.   

But the speed is the thing, because there's literally no speed limit: You can go as fast as you can go. "The player has unlimited speed at their disposal," Iceberg said. "The only limit being their skill and ability to avoid walls and obstacles." 

Wes got a taste of that style of racing when he got behind the wheel at GDC. "There's no hard limit on how fast you can go if you can keep laying on the boost," he wrote. "As I was barely keeping my ship from scraping all its paint  off on the walls of the race track, developer Mike Coeck was excited to  tell me that I wasn't even racing at the fastest possible speed."

Antigraviator is currently listed on Steam and the Humble Store, and may turn up elsewhere at some point—Iceberg said it will be available on "Steam and major digital retailers." Pricing has not yet been set.

Andy Chalk

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