Anthem Storm guide: get the most of out of the elemental Javelin


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Anthem's Storm Javelin is pretty much the best one in the game, at least to start with. Its elemental powers are some of the most exciting in Anthem, perfect for taking apart multiple enemies at once, particularly from above. In reality, it's probably the best Javelin to pick first—it's simple to get to grips with.

That said, our guide below will spotlight the best loadouts for the Storm, and give you other handy tips for mastery.

 Storm skills in Anthem 

With the Storm, you have the potential to hover above, raining down elemental attacks on your enemies. Your hover ability also enables a shield boost while you're hovering, which puts you in a decent position to provide support without getting pulverised.

Hover for longer 

Storm hovers for extended periods of time, receiving a boost to the shield capabilities while doing so. Make the most of being in the air if this is your preferred Javelin.

Blast and Focus attacks work well on multiple enemies

The Storm's elemental attacks are elemental, and you'll find that a whole bunch of them offer decent area of effect damage. That means you'll want to hit groups of foes wherever possible to make the most of these. 

Favour midrange guns

Since the Storm class is suited to air-based combat, you want more versatile weapons that can hit from midrange, like assault rifles and marksman rifles. Shotguns or machine pistols just aren't as useful in those scenarios.

 Best Storm Blast Seals in Anthem 

Ice Storm
Its area of effect is wide, plus it freezes the enemies in its wake. It's a combo primer, too, and freezing them in place only makes it simpler to follow up with a detonator move.

Living Flame
This combo primer won't land on quite as many enemies as Ice Storm, but it is a flaming homing missile, which makes it pretty simple to hit targets without any work on your part.

Ice Blast
Another primer, this time firing a block of ice in the direction of enemies, capable of freezing them as well as applying damage. You'll need a clear aim to make it land properly, though.

Lightning Strike
A detonator that's capable of hitting a lot of enemies at once, and not a bad attack, either. 

Flame Burst
Anything caught in the blast will be subjected to fire damage and it's capable of firing a bunch of times, but it's not a primer or a detonator for combos, so not totally useful.

Best Storm Focus Seals in Anthem 

Burning Orb
You can fire this fire ball as a few little shots, or charge it for a bigger blast. This makes it a versatile detonator.

Glacial Spear
This ice attack isn't exactly brutal against enemies, but it's a solid detonator, when you consider the Blast Seal offers the best primers. 

Frost Shards
The name offers an idea of what it is: these freezing shards aren't particularly strong, but against groups of enemies, they're better. Along with the Lightning Strike Blast Seal as a detonator, you've potentially got a good combo setup. 

Shock Burst
This lightning attack will deflect off of walls, meaning it's less useful in open areas, but better in tighter arenas. It's a primer, which you can combine with Lightning Strike. 

Arc Burst
Another lightning attack that's neither a primer nor a detonator, and therefore less useful to you. 

Best Storm Support System in Anthem 

Wind Wall
This shield wall is useful in a pinch, as it'll keep fire off you and any teammates behind it. 

Will improve the gear cooldown rates of everyone in the area, but it's easy to miss in a hectic firefight.

Best Storm Combos in Anthem 

Since all your best primers are Blast Seals, you'll want to kick off a combo with either Ice Storm or Living Flame, which between them offer area of effect damage or a homing attack. Our favourite detonators to follow, then, are Burning Orb or Glacial Spear. The former allows you to throw out a bunch of fire attacks at once, while the ice beam of the spear is more precise.  

Best Storm Weapons in Anthem 

As explained earlier, mid-range weapons are a better fit for the Storm than shotguns and other short-range weapons. Consider that hovering is an important part of how the Storm functions. 

Best Storm components in Anthem 

We recommend Elemental Empowerment, which'll let your gear charge at 50 percent more, though the penalty is a 20 percent drop in damage. Being able to attack more makes it a strong option, though. Elemental Synergy improves your damage by 50 percent, meanwhile, though the recharge will also drop by 20 percent, if you'd prefer another strategy. Fire and Ice Inscriptions also offer elemental damage bonuses.  

Storm Ultimate in Anthem

Elemental Storm unloads all Storm's elemental powers in one swoop: ice, lightning and fire, before finishing up with a meteor attack. Naturally it's best against groups of enemies.  

Samuel Roberts
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