Anthem treasure chest locations guide: find easy loot with this map

In this guide, we'll show you the locations of Anthem's treasure chests on our handy map. There are a few reasons you'll want that information: first, some way into the game, Anthem will inconvenience you by gating off a load of story missions behind the Challenges of the Legionnaires in Free Play, which include the Trial of Yvenia. Among other arbitrary objectives, you'll need to open 15 treasure chests to unlock the Tomb of Yvenia.

Below, you'll find our map of treasure chests in Anthem's world, how to finish the Tomb of Yvenia challenge for opening treasure chests, and tips on getting the best loot from them. It's worth saying that not all treasure chests seem to spawn for players all the time. How it works, we're not exactly sure, but what we list here is what we were able to find out in Anthem's world.

Anthem's treasure chests will provide better loot on higher difficulty settings 

If you want a better chance of decent loot from Anthem's treasure chests, play on Hard. When you've reached the end game, you'll want to start playing on Grandmaster 1, scaling up to Grandmaster 3. Although you could originally unlock a Masterwork or Legendary item by opening chests in Free Play, skipping the challenges of replaying missions and strongholds on this difficulty setting, BioWare noticed this loophole and has now closed it. The same principle applies, though: the harder the game is, the better the loot.

Anthem treasure chest locations map: how to find them in Free Play

Click full screen to see the map in detail. Orange is above ground, blue is underwater. 

Here's how you get each of the treasure chests marked on Anthem's map above. As you explore the area outside of Fort Tarsis in Free Play, they should give you a good idea of where you should be looking. 

A few caveats. Note that these aren't all the chests on the map—there are sure to be many more. These are just the ones we have verified shortly after launch. Secondly, the chests in Free Play don't appear to spawn for all players all the time. How chest spawns work in Anthem seems to be a bit of a mystery. That said, if you follow the list below, you are going to find a bunch of these on the way.

The numerical order is designed to help you tick them off as quickly as possible, though, and the 22 listed here will be more than enough to finish the dreaded Tomb of Yvenia challenge. 

1. This one's by a turret, to the east of where you spawn in Free Play.
2. This one's underwater—submerge at the waterfall north west from here.
3. Get out of the water. You'll find this one not far from a tent, on a ledge.
4. This one's on a rocky area, near another tent.
5. Really close by number four, head North and fly down. You'll find this by a cliff.
6. You'll find this one behind a rock at the summit of a cliff.
7. Found in another camp area, in the Watchtower of Arath region.
8. Behind the bridge here, you should find a chest in a leafy area.
9. This one's inside a ruined tower in the Great Falls Canyon region.
10. Look for another camp beneath where it says 'Great Falls' on the map. You'll find it near a whole bunch of bridges.
11. Head north from the last chest, and you'll find this one in the water.
12. Don't leave the water yet—spin around from the last chest, and swim into a larger underwater environment. You should see a cave where you can emerge, and here there'll be another chest.
13. This one's close by. You'll find another chest at the end of the cave.
14. You'll find this one over in the Valley of Tarsis, against the wall on the west, just along from where you'll see some rocks hanging over.
15. In this area you'll see a bridge, probably with some Sentinels fighting it out. From the bridge, head north, and you'll find a cave that'll yield another chest.
16. Near the bridge, you'll find a body of water with another chest at the bottom.
17. Look for a cave in this area containing another chest.
18. Follow the water down—you should see another chest near the river bed here.
19. There's a giant rock in Great Falls Canyon. As you're flying north from the last chest, you'll find a chest around the other side of this rock.
20. Heading south west from the last chest, there's a blueish cave you can enter. Right at the end, towards the left, you'll find a smaller blueish cave containing another chest.
21. You'll find this in a cave behind a tower in Honor Valley, near the wall on the east.
22. Leaving the location of 21, this one is nearby, in another blueish cave higher up on a hill. 

Anthem's world events and Strongholds will always provide a treasure chest

This is another way to get loot if you don't want to find each locations. Even if you're repeating an activity in Anthem like a Stronghold or World Event, you'll still get a treasure chest for completing it. Note that to complete the Trial of Yvenia challenge, though, you'll have to specifically open the chests in Free Play.

Farm Anthem's treasure chests solo to finish the Trial of Yvenia challenge 

Consider farming these chests solo if you specifically want to tick off the Tomb of Yvenia objective. As of now, the game only counts one treasure chest opened per player for the Trial of Yvenia—so another player opening a chest means one less ticked off for you. This should be fixed in February 22's Day One patch, though.

Anthem: Challenges of the Legionnaires: how to check your progress

Anthem's menus are messy and convoluted. Check your progress on each trial, including the treasure chests in Trial of Yvenia, by going to your journal with the J key or back button on a controller. Go to the challenges tab, go down to 'Expeditions', then select 'Freeplay'. You'll find them all here. 

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