Anthem javelin guide: classes explained

Selecting the right Javelin to fit your play style is key when you first boot up Anthem—these mech-suits are essentially the game's version of classes. If you fancy pretending you’re the Flash and want to dance past gormless enemies, you wouldn’t want to pick a juggernaut like the Colossus. Or maybe you don’t care for abilities or superpowers and just want to shoot the hell out of stuff? In that case, it’d be best to avoid the Storm Javelin.

Your Javelin is important. After all, you’re going to be spending the next 40+ hours with it, so you need to make sure you have the right suit for the job. If you don’t know your Ranger from your Interceptor, here are the four Javelins ranked in order of our favourites. 

4. Ranger

While this is the first mech suit you get to play around with, it’s worth leaving this Javelin to collect dust. The Ranger has a very specific playstyle, so if you’re looking to mix things up, this jack of all trades isn’t going to tick any boxes. It’s great for learning the ropes, sure, but is average at everything really ever the best?

That said, the Ranger does have a pretty neat ultimate, which lets the player target several enemies at once for a lightning fast barrage of missiles. Should you opt for mediocrity, you’re going to need to focus on hitting those combos. Pair a pulse blast or heat seeking missiles with frost or inferno grenades and you should be able to pull a decent enough amount of damage.

3. Colossus

If you’re a fan of getting hit in the face then asking for more, you’ll probably want to check out the hulking behemoth that is the Colossus. As with all tanky classes, being the biggest means you’ll have a bullseye painted on your back. But with great bulk comes great power, be it a fireball from a Wyvern or a frost blast from a Dominion. In trouble? No worries. Just pop open your shield and charge into anything dumb enough to get in the way. Need to dispatch enemies with a power that rivals the sun? Crank that ultimate for three super-charged cannon blasts that’ll topple even the most powerful of foes.

You may plod along, but with the amount of damage you can soak up, it’ll take a lot to drop you. Probably the biggest issue Colossus players face is that your Ordnance and Heavy Assault Launchers aren’t the strongest when compared with the Interceptor or Storm Javelins.

2. Interceptor

Imagine a group of billionaires people standing in a circle smoking cigars that cost more than you earn per year. If you’d love to dive into the middle of them at slap the cigars out of their mouths while telling them to pay the right amount of tax, the Interceptor is for you.

As the quickest of all the Javelins, this leaner suit lets players get right up in enemy’s face. It’s a dodge in, do damage, dodge out class courtesy of its chained dashes. Pair that with deadly blades and the Interceptor is an overwhelming force not to be messed with. There’s also the option of a variety of elemental shuriken or grenades, which allow the chance to prime enemies for a combo, then slashing them full force with a focused melee ultimate to drop anything that moves.

1. Storm

Not every class needs to rely on guns. The Storm is all about area of effect elemental attacks combined with a longer-than-normal hover time, which also boosts its shield. Rather than attacking enemies from the ground, the Storm can fly up high, and with its Blast and Focus Seals freeze, electrify, or straight up set fire to the area all from a safe(ish) distance. If you compare the Storm class with Ranger, you’ll be able to see the difference in destructive potential. It also refreshes quicker than the Colossus, and while it lacks the same tank-level defence, it’s still pretty hardy, and certainly stronger than the Interceptor. For eradicating swathes of mobs, and raining sweet justice from above, the Storm Javelin has something for everyone.

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