Star Citizen is free to try for 11 days

(Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games)

Update: Star Citizen's latest free fly event begins today. New players can begin their free 11-day jaunt through space at 11 pm BST/3 pm PDT. New and existing players will also be able to get inside the cockpit of a variety of ships, with manufacturers rotating every few days. 

Original story: Massively ambitious space simulator Star Citizen will be free-to-try later this week during another of its free fly events. From May 22 to June 1 anyone with a game account can test fly new ships, whether they've bought it or not. Last year's free flight event allowed you to try every ship in the game, though this one focuses on the UEE Navy.  As with before, the ships available will rotate every few days, so you can check back to try out new ones. 

RSI's Invictus Launch Week guide has all the details you need to get into the event once it starts. If you're unfamiliar with Star Citizen, the developers have a welcome center to familiarize yourself with the game, unfinished as it is, and make an account.

2020 has been an interesting year for Star Citizen, with controversies over yet more promised feature changes on the perennially-delayed game and a settlement for the Crytek lawsuit. Star Citizen is a space simulator by developer Roberts Space Industries noted for its prolific crowdfunding totals and dedicated fanbase. As of last year, it had raised over $250 million.

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