Anomaly 2 announced - mechs and multiplayer promised for "tower offence" sequel

Anomaly 2

Role-reversed tower defence game Anomaly is back, with the freshly announced and aptly named sequel Anomaly 2. The brief teaser trailer reveals some additional features over the "tower offence" of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. This time, your troops can morph into mechs, granting various abilities to use in specific combat situations. There's also the promise of multiplayer, giving you the chance to run through a friend's gauntlet of turrets and tendrils.

In Anomaly, you play as the hapless troops fighting through the AI's tower defence maze. For their follow-up, 11 Bit Studios are promising an improved visual engine, multiple endings and "more than a million tactical combinations to build your squad".

Bizarrely, the game has already been on sale. 11 Bit previously gave people the option to pre-order their "secret game" at 50% off. That deal's now off the table, but Anomaly 2 is due for Windows, Mac and Linux in Q2 2013 for $14.99.

Phil Savage

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