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And in other PC gaming news...

Skyrim Preview Thumbnail - Dragon Perch

If you're a developer, today is a very bad day to be announcing anything remotely serious. That didn't stop Bethesda from releasing some lovely new Skyrim screens . THQ even announced some new Dawn of War 2: Retribution DLC .

Elsewhere, we've had some slightly less likely announcements. There's PopCap's PlayWave , Blizzard's plans to add Kinect compatibility to StarCraft 2 , and the new Minecraft stor e. The video where Duke Nukem throws poo around, though, seems to be real.

Many other real and unreal things have been happening in the world of PC gaming today, read on for daily list of news.

April fools' day isn't just for PC gamers. The whole world's been at it. We entered a world of uncertainty, in which nothing we read or saw could be known for certain. What were your favourite April fools' jokes today?

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