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And in other PC gaming news...

League of Legends tribunal system

PC Gaming news eh? There's a lot of it about. PC Gamer has been a ferocious day of exclusive screenshots , oodles of Eve Online news, some of the friendliest-sounding cross platform play we've heard about in years, and more .

But we know what you're like. You're greedy gamers. You want more input. More things to click. More facts to absorb. And that's exactly what you're going to get after the jump.

  • League of Legends developers Riot Games have sacked one of their staff members after he abused a player throughout a game. The guy seemingly forgot he was streaming the match live, and banned his fellow player in front of hundreds of people. Oops.

But what have we been up to in Bath? Tom F. has been testing Battlefield Play4free, Ed has been placing lava traps for Filthy Snarlers in Code of Everand, Ri... ... HAHA. OWEN IS DEAD. DEAD TIRED. It is I, Tim, taking over for the moment. Owen's actually just fallen asleep. Yesterday, I sent him to Ireland and he came back with Guinness Fudge and a drowsy complexion. Today, he's the most tired man you've never met. Hilarious. Big sleepy eyes that open, ponder the world, and then shut again. He's actually asleep right now. We could probably stack budget games onto his sleeping carcass, if we were cruel. If you want to learn more about Lovely Owen TM, listen to the last podcat . In the meantime, if you've spotted any news that we've missed, let us know in the comments.