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And in other PC gaming news...

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Are you a competitive gamer? I like to win more than lose, but I'm not a mouse-smashing, door-punching kind of guy. Rich is extremely competitive, but instead of getting angry when he's defeated, he just goes really quiet and sad.

He even went quiet and sad at the end of lunch after the combined might of Tim's Zerg army and my Terran heroes took him down, SCVs and all.

Which game has got you angriest? Or do you have more important things to get angry at, like port forwarding? Let us know in the comments.

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  • discuss the importance of death in games.
  • Here's a very pretty Frostbite 2 lighting engine tech demo:

  • Bit trip creator says indie scene is out of control , and that indies need to finish their games.

  • A Sims medieval trailer has hit.

  • Turns out that most DCU Online players have migrated from WoW.

  • Magicka sales hit 150k . Another patch arrives, right on schedule.

  • Chris Taylor's Kings and Castles on hold
  • ESRB's conclusions on Dragon Age 2: scenes of sex, fellatio, screams of pain. Crikey.
  • Hard drives are getting smaller. Have you noticed?
  • Enable antialiasing in Dead Space 2. Your eyes will thank you.

  • What if minecraft was real ? (via Reddit)

  • This COD: Black Ops crossbow kill is good enough to eat.

  • Admire this incredible Rollercoaster Tycoon creation . It's immensely profitable per square inch. Just like an issue of PC Gamer .
  • No matter where you are, the Imperial Watch will find you.
  • Supreme Commander running at 3438 x 1920 . World shudders.

In more localised news, Tom has been playing Dawn Of War: Retribution for review and Graham has been playing with his "Starcraft dude painted as a Warcraft dude." Have a great evening, and let us know which game makes you angriest down there. Go on.