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And in other PC gaming news...

Originally I was planning to stop with the funny Human Revolution videos at the end of the week, but this one was so hilarious I knew I had to share it with you. Besides, it's really an original Deus Ex video, so it totally doesn't count.

This brilliant creation mashes together both Human Revolution and the original Deus Ex, bringing you iron sights, gold sheen and hilarious looking melee takedowns in the venerable Unreal engine. It takes a few sideswipes at pre-order bonuses while it's at it, particularly the Explosive Mission pack and its bonus mission.

Check inside for a selection of gold filtered, pre-ordered PC gaming news.

  • Steam hit four million concurrent users today.
  • Develop report that Crytek have refuted allegations of a harsh working environment.
  • The BBC let us know that the London Philharmonic Orchestra is going to do a concert of videogame music. No original Deus Ex theme though, which makes me sad.
  • Reddit reminds us of an old forum post telling us how you're really supposed to play a Paladin in World of Warcraft.
  • Joystiq report that League of Legends is shutting down its Mac client.
  • IGN have 45 minutes of Dead Island footage.

Your homework assignment for today readers is to debate the relative merits of Deus Ex and Human Revolution. What do you think each game did best? Bonus points to those who show their working, marks deducted for insults.

Yes I am keeping track. You will be graded at the end of the semester.