An ironic Rainbow Six: Siege exploit let strangers enter private lobbies uninvited

Side-on portrait of Rainbow Six operator Ela
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege might well be a game about smashing down the front door and causing a right ruckus for the folks inside. But Ubisoft's latest hotfix makes sure some doors remain properly locked, after unruly hackers found a way to barge into private lobbies uninvited.

Prior to Friday night's patch, an exploit allowed strangers to hop into squads uninvited, refusing to leave and generally being a pain for the rest of the gang. Now, Rainbow Six will require you have at least one friend in the match before jumping in.

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Obviously, having some rando nick a lobby spot from a friend was a pain, never even minding that some cheaters were finding their way into closed competitive matches. But the problem was compounded by the fact that there's currently no way to kick an unwanted player from a game of Siege. Once someone finds a way into your game, you're stuck with 'em until they decide to leave.

This latest hotfix might make it a whole lot harder for strangers to invade your lobbies. But even if the chances of them finding another breaching point are slim, it'd be nice to have the tools to give 'em the boot.

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