An artist on Okami will pitch a sequel to Capcom

(Image credit: Capcom)

A former artist on Okami has confirmed she will pitch a sequel to Capcom. Ikumi Nakamura, formerly an artist at Tango Gameworks with credits on The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo, said as much in an interview with IGN Japan (via VGC).

Nakamura said she was pretty confident that the project would become a reality, and that she plans to propose the idea to Capcom "after quarantine is over and the world becomes normal again."

"Actually that’s the project that I’d like to make reality the most,” Nakamura told IGN. “As long as I go after it, I have the feeling that the chances are pretty high that it might become a reality."

She also said that it was important that Hideki Kamiya be involved. Kamiya directed the 2006 original, and is currently working on Project GG with PlatinumGames. Kamiya was the director of the original Resident Evil 2, as well as Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Viewtiful Joe.

Luckily, Kamiya seems enthusiastic. He appeared in a video tweet posted by Nakamura in October. At time time many considered that appearance (embedded below) as a troll on Kamiya's behalf, who isn't averse to teasing people online: especially those who nag him for sequels to beloved games.

And fans have been nagging for an Okami sequel for years. It's no surprise: the original is considered a classic Zelda-like with a lush painterly art style. In our review of the HD remaster, Chris Schilling wrote that it's "occasionally languid to the point of lethargy," but a "gorgeous and unforgettable adventure all the same".

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