Amy Hennig's Marvel game has its first confirmed writer

Iron Man, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Captain America
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During the latest FatMan Beyond podcast hosted by Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin, the latter confirmed he is working on Amy Hennig's forthcoming Marvel-themed videogame. News of that project emerged last week: it'll be a "narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game" helmed by Skydance New Media, a new arm of film company Skydance Media.

Bernardin, who is a producer on Star Trek: Picard, and who has written comics for Marvel, DC Comics and Image Comics, didn't reveal any more specific details about the project, but Kevin Smith may have helped whittle down the possibilities of which Marvel series it's based on. 

"For most of the pandemic I had been working with a woman named Amy Hennig who created and wrote, she was a leader on the Uncharted games," Bernardin said. "They announced this week that the game we have been working on is in partnership with Marvel. That's all I can say about that, but I have spent the better part of a year in the story mines coming up with a Marvel videogame."

Later Smith, who says he knows what the project is, said that the live chat had figured out what it was. I couldn't find those comments in the archive, but Ben Hanson claims on Twitter that "the two viable guesses were Ant-Man and Fantastic Four." You can watch the conversation at the 39 minute mark here. The latter would make sense: Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts is confirmed to be directing a Fantastic Four MCU film.

It's unclear whether Bernardin is the only writer on the game or not, but it's his first time working on a game. As a result, the biggest challenge, in his words, has been "realising that [we] have the story that we like, but you do not have the language of cinema at your disposal because it's relentlessly POV based."

The Marvel game has no release window as yet.

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