Among Us releases a slightly sus quick chat update

The imposter strikes in Among Us.
(Image credit: Innersloth)

Among Us has added a new quickchat option, available to all players but targeted especially at its younger audience: players now have to enter their age, and those registered as under 13 will only be able to use this from now on. Innersloth describes the standard chat wheel format as "an easier, faster and safer option to play if you're using text chat" though players can still toggle free chat on and off in settings.

The wheel has various segements relating to Among Us gameplay, so your accusations, ship locations, crew identifiers, and so on. It also for some reason includes the option to spam 'yeet.'

Following this update's release, the game briefly fell over: it started serving up blank screens, the lobby system stopped working, and games were de-syncing all over the shop. It also seemed to limit everyone under 18, rather than 13, to the quick chat wheel. Innersloth has subsequently released some hotfixes that seem to have addressed this sabotage, and reckons everything should be working fine as long as all players in a lobby are on the latest version of the game (Version 2021.3.5). Some minor visual bugs apparently remain, though I just had a quick run around and haven't seen any of them.

Finally, Innersloth recently tweeted out a look at the game's prototype: not anything you won't have seen before, perhaps, but it's cool to see how fully-formed its distinctive art style was from the start.

The small patch ends with a note from Innersloth acknowledging people are "waiting for the big update news too. Sorry it's been so quiet on our end, we've been focused and working on getting things to you. In the future we'll definitely make sure to get you more regular dev updates."

Rich Stanton

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