Among Us crewmates fight Fall Guys beans in this Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod

Star Wars Battle Front 2 Among Us Fall Guys mod
(Image credit: EA)

An unofficial Among Us crossover with Fall Guys was inevitable, considering both are popular multiplayer games featuring a buncha stubby-legged bean-shaped things scampering around and screwing each other over. My first guess wouldn't have been that this crossover would also involve Star Wars, though.

But it does! The characters from Among Us are duking it out against the beans of Fall Guys in a mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2. The mod replaces the Light Side soldiers with Fall Guys beans and the Dark Side agents with those busy little Among Us astronauts. I guess that makes sense, as Among Us imposters routinely and brutally murder each other, but having been shoved out of contention by other players on Slime Climb more times than I can count, I personally view Fall Guys beans as pure Dark Side.

It's more than a bit goofy seeing these tubby characters running around on spindly legs, aiming blasters, swinging lightsabers, and in some cases rolling around like bowling balls (for those playing as BB-8).

The mod was originally created for YouTuber Toasted Shoes, who showed it in action in the video above back in October, but it's now available for everyone here on Nexus Mods, too. Pick a side. Pick your blob. And fight for the galaxy.

Thanks, Eurogamer!

Christopher Livingston
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