Among the Sleep waddles toward late 2013 release

Among The Sleep

We haven't heard a peep from Krillbite's first-person toddler-terrorizer Among the Sleep in a long while, but it's not long before we'll be able to wander a creepily darkened abode with a child's freedom to completely pee our pants if we want to. From Joystiq , Krillbite says it's planning a release during this year's fourth quarter between October and December as well as a Kickstarter drive in April.

Among the Sleep doesn't look like a straightforward bump-in-the-dark scare-fest so much as an exploration of the mind's tendency to visualize its own phantoms in a spooky setting. A two-year-old stumbling about in the dark is a perfect setup for imagination to run unchecked, and I'm eager to finally be able to watch someone play it while gripping a comfort blanket play it later this year.

Omri Petitte

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