Colorado's hellish knot of tangled highways comes to American Truck Simulator on November 12

American Truck Sim Colorado
(Image credit: SCS Software)

Before Christmas, almost a year ago now, I drove the length of American Truck Simulator, from east to west, documenting the sights and soundtrack as I went. But it was a truncated effort, since SCS Software’s United States are still under construction: eight completed so far, with a ninth coming to Steam on November 12 in the shape of Colorado. No price is currently listed on the store page, but other, older states have cost around $12/£10 at release.

SCS says Colorado will make a mountainous and color-ful addition to the map, though I’m personally more excited for its grey stretches. Check out the serpentine highway spiral at 1:14 in the new trailer, which PC Gamer state expert James Davenport identifies as the 'big I-25 / I-70 mixup'.

On top of the new state, quite literally, owners of the Special Transport DLC will get three new routes to run: Denver Airport to Grand Junction, Sterling to Colorado Springs, and Denver Train Depot to Gold Mine (which is apparently near Colorado Springs).

The most mindblowing update to American Truck Sim this year, of course, was the one that let you roll down your windows and stretch your legs in your garage.