Amnesia developer Frictional Games snuck a teaser trailer into its ARG

Since December, Amnesia developer Frictional Games has been teasing its next game via an ARG, which started out as a largely empty website with a weird pulsating shape at the centre of it. Since then, it's grown into a fetus, while strange video clips have been discovered hidden in the site's code. Now a teaser trailer has been uncovered. 

'I am Tasi,' spotted on ResetEra, gives very little away. We see the teaser through Tasi's eyes as she mutters and panics, but they're closed for most of it. When she finally opens them, we can see a lone tree and an ominous glowing cave in the middle of a sandstorm, and then it cuts out. 

The way she keeps trying to remember her name or identity, reassuring herself that she's still Tasi, suggests memory loss—you know, like amnesia—or something kind of transformation. It looks like we'll just have to keep speculating. 

The earlier clips referenced the village of Shept in Kazakhstan and a partially successful experiment on something called the 'Triple Crown'. Weird objects, symbols painted on rocks—it's all peculiar stuff. 

Frictional Games still hasn't made any allusions to its next project and has remained silent in regards to the ARG, so it looks like it's going to be up to the internet sleuths to keep piecing it together.  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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