AMD posts list of liquid coolers compatible with Threaderipper CPUs

New processors and motherboard sockets always bring up the question of compatibility with existing cooling solutions, and AMD's Threadripper launch is no exception. Well, AMD has some good news. Every Threadripper CPU will come with a free mounting bracket that is compatible with a wide range of closed loop liquid coolers that are already on the market.

To make things easy, AMD is maintaining a list of liquid cooling solutions that work with Threadripper. There are more than 20 solutions listed as being compatible with the included bracket, including ones from Arctic, Cooler Master, Corsair, Cryorig, EVGA, Fractal Design, NZXT, and Thermaltake.

The list is not all-inclusive; presumably there are others that AMD has not yet tested. AMD says its plan to update the list regularly. Otherwise, you can check for compatibility direct with the manufacturer.

In addition to the list of existing coolers that are supported by the included bracket, AMD says there will be third-party solutions that use their own hardware.

"Before purchasing such a solution, verify with the manufacturer or retailer that the cooler includes out-of-box sTR4 support. Some coolers pre-date the Ryzen Threadripper CPU, and are receiving mid-production updates after a certain date to include the compatible mounting hardware," AMD says.

You can view and bookmark the list here.

Paul Lilly

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