AMD announces Vega for PCs will come in two months

AMD held its Computex 2017 keynote today in Taiwan, mainly talking about CPU and APU plans—all of which you already know if you've been following our coverage on Ryzen.

The big news everyone was expecting today was for AMD to introduce its Vega GPU for consumer desktops. Unfortunately, AMD's CEO Lisa Su didn't divulge anymore details than what we covered already for Vega Frontier Edition, except that it would be faster. Raja Koduri, who runs the Radeon group, explicitly said that consumers and gamers should wait for the launch of Radeon Vega for the desktop.

Su reiterated the same message tonight but attached to it a firm date: AMD Radeon Vega is set to be announced officially during SIGGRAPH, which occurs between July 30th, and August 3rd. However, Su did not say that Vega for consumers would be available on that date, only that the official announcement for it would occur.

That's another two months to wait before Jarred can get his grubby little paws on Vega. Sorry.

Tuan Nguyen
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