Amazon’s top selling AMD Ryzen motherboard is on sale for $160 today

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi Motherboard
(Image credit: MSI)

AMD's recently announced Ryzen 5000 series CPUs will land on retail shelves on November 5 (just around the corner), with the promise of a 19 percent instructions per clock (IPC) performance uplift compared to the Ryzen 3000 series. If you are thinking about building a new PC around one of the new chips, you could do a lot worse than MSI's MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi, currently the best selling motherboard on Amazon.

It also happens to be on sale for $159.99. That is $20 below its previous low, and $30 under its list price, which is what it sold for from late August to around the middle of this month. It's possible the price could dip again when Black Friday rolls around, but this is already an enticing deal on a popular motherboard.


MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi | $159.99 (save $30)
This one tops the list of Amazon's best selling motherboards, and it's easy to see why—it's relatively affordable while offering the latest technologies and support for AMD's brand new Zen 3 processors.

As the model name implies, this is based on AMD's B550 chipset. It is one of just two consumer desktop chipsets that support PCI Express 4.0 (the other being X570), and with the latest BIOS, it supports the Ryzen 5000 series launching next week.

You also get modern amenities like onboard Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) connectivity, a 2.5G LAN port for an ultra-fast wired connection, a bunch of USB 3.2 and 2.0 ports (including a couple of USB-C ports), two M.2 slots for installing a pair of speedy NVMe SSDs, and of course RGB lighting.

MSI also touts high-end components and a "premium heatsink design" in the makeup of this motherboard, to facilitate overclocking. And as far as flashing the BIOS goes, it's made easy with a 'Flash BIOS' button and USB support.

If this one doesn't suit your fancy for other reasons, check out our round of the best gaming motherboards for other options.

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