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Amazon Games recruits Rainbow Six Siege devs for a new studio

Rainbow Six Siege
(Image credit: Ubisoft)
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Amazon is still on a mission to make games, despite the fact it's yet to release one (we don't talk about that free-to-play shooter (opens in new tab)) and is looking to recruit some big names to help.

Some of the original brains behind Rainbow Six Siege—production director Luc Bouchard, creative directors Xavier Marquis and Romain Rimokh, and brand director Alexandre Remy—are jumping ship from Ubisoft Montreal to Amazon as part of its new studio, also in Montreal. It will be the fourth studio under the Amazon Games umbrella, along with Seattle, Orange County and San Diego.

Marquis said the former Siege devs were "excited to start with a blank page and the creative freedom to create a completely unique experience in the multiplayer scene," following eight years working on the tactical shooter. "From our first discussion, we felt a true connection with the people at Amazon Games, their approach to gaming and the sheer amount of knowledge, expertise and technology available there. It is quite humbling and we couldn't be more excited to start a studio with them."

Now we'll have to wait and see if yet another studio can turn things around for Amazon. The company's attempts to tap into the games market thus far have been, quite frankly, pretty damn dire. (opens in new tab) Aside from Crucible's tragic release and then derelease, MMO New World (opens in new tab) has been pushed back three times now. 

Recently appointed Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is optimistic though (opens in new tab), telling staff earlier this year "though we haven't consistently succeeded yet in AGS, I believe we will if we hang in there." 

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