All Stars Bundle offers 8 Steam games for under £2

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No time for light intro whimsy, there are only a few hours left in this BundleStars deal. From now until just after 1.30pm GMT, you can get Steam keys for System Shock 2, STALKER: Clear Sky, To The Moon, Magicka, Tropico 4, Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword, Deponia and Prime World: Defenders—all for £1.59/$2.

After that time, the price will increase to $3, which is still pretty good given the selection of games on offer.

Admittedly, they're not all classics—Clear Sky is the unloved middle-child of the STALKER series, With Fire & Sword can't hold a candle to Warband, and Deponia... well, exactly. But a couple of quid for System Shock 2, To The Moon, Magicka and Tropico 4 more than makes up for the bundle's weaker inclusions.

Phil Savage

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