All Battlefield 4 expansions are free until next week

Electronic Arts has been giving away Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline DLC over the past several months as part of the run-up to the release next month of Battlefield 1. If you happened to miss any, today brings good news: From now until September 19, all five Battlefield 4 expansions are free for everyone, and new Battlefield 4 Community Missions are underway as well. 

The first mission, in China Rising, challenges players to collectively destroy 1.5 million vehicles in Air Superiority in order to get a Gold Battlepack. That's live now and runs until 9 am PT on September 16, at which time the Second Assault mission kicks off, with players required to score one million kills with the DAO-12, for another Gold Battlepack. Following that, you'll need to make 1.5 million kills from boats in Naval Strike, score one million kills with the MPX in Dragon's Teeth, and finally, ring up ten million kills with PDWs in Final Stand. 

Details about the Battlefield 4 giveaway and new Community Missions are up at, although as far as the DLC goes it's really just a matter of heading over to Origin and grabbing what you want. Battlefield 1, meanwhile, is set to come out on October 21. You can catch our impressions of the recent open beta right here.

Andy Chalk

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