Alba: a Wildlife Adventure helps plant over 450,000 trees

Alba A wildlife adventure
(Image credit: ustwo games)

Ustwo Games, the studio behind Alba: a Wildlife Adventure, has announced on Twitter that they've planted over 450,000 trees as part of a partnership with British reforestation charity Ecologi.

The studio is working with Ecologi to "sustainably plant one tree for every download of Alba: a Wildlife Adventure." The partnership makes a lot of sense, with Alba: a Wildlife Adventure being centred around a young girl's attempt to conserve and clean up the Mediterranean island her grandparents live on, and Ustwo has said their goal is to eventually plant 1 million trees.

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The trees being planted are going towards restoring three habitats: a mangrove project in Madagascar, a reforestation project in Mozambique and another reforestation project, located in the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua. You can see how many trees have gone towards each habitat project on Alba's page for Ecologi. There's some nice graphics to show you how far along each group of seedlings are, along with pictures. 

You can buy Alba: a Wildlife Adventure over on Steam, or can donate to Ecologi directly if you want to contribute towards planting more trees. 

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