Alan Wake’s Return trailer hidden in Quantum Break

Alan Wake

I largely stuck to the beaten path for my Quantum Break hands-on last week, which it now turns out was a terrible mistake. Polygon reports that if you decide to go wandering in the game’s opening section set on a university campus, you’ll eventually stumble across a student demonstration, and a tent with a flat screen TV inside, on which a trailer for Alan Wake’s Return is playing.

The footage sounds like it’s full of the pulp horror portentousness that was the delicious signature of Remedy’s horror-flavoured game: Crashing waves… “He's been gone for five years”... Spooky forest… “We're just a speck of light floating in an endless ocean of darkness”... Detectives with torches, dead bodies, bloody knives, inevitably jazzy music.

Whether the trailer’s existence means the game is really set for a sequel remains unclear. It could equally just be a cool piece of fan service, laced throughout Quantum Break as Remedy is wont to do for its games. However, giving credence to the idea it could be an actual sequel, we learned late last month that Remedy has filed a trademark for Alan Wake’s Return. As an inveterate horror fan with a high tolerance for florid writing and Americana, I’d certainly be up for it. How about you?

Tim Clark

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