Alan Wake 2 teased by developer tweet, alternate reality blog, domain name update

Alan Wake

As spotted by our chums at OXM , Remedy has updated the domain name '', which it has owned since 2005. An eagle-eyed NeoGAF poster spotted that the domain was updated yesterday - could this mean a sequel announcement at E3?

Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake took to Twitter earlier in the weekend to tease things further:

A town called Ordinary seems like exactly the kind of place Alan Wake would go. The last town he lived in - Bright Falls - was actually tremendously dark, setting a trend for inappropriately named settlements that I imagine he's under a lot of pressure to maintain. The blog linked to in Sam Lake's tweet makes a number of veiled references to the story of the first game, but my favourite line is this one:

Alone at my own wake

Alone at my own wake


Could this mean an Alone in the Dark/Alan Wake crossover? Could it just be a funny way of pronouncing 'Alan'? Could it be totally meaningless? We'll find out more, hopefully, at E3.

Chris Thursten

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