Alan Wake 2 charms list and how they work

Alan Wake 2 charms - Saga shines a torch onto a picnic table with a little red charm box sat on it
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Looking for charms in Alan Wake 2? These little ornaments offer bonuses to help you survive your time in Bright Falls and the surrounding areas. You won't find them just lying around though: you need to complete Nursery Rhyme puzzles which reward you with a charm if you manage to solve their riddle. 

The bonuses you get from the charms aren't overly powerful but they can help you out in certain situations. You can switch them in and out easily, too, so you don't need to trek back to a safe room or upgrade station to change the ones you have equipped. With that in mind, here are the Alan Wake 2 charms I've found so far.

Alan Wake 2 charms list 

(Image credit: Remedy)

You have three charm slots in your inventory so you can have multiple charm bonuses running at the same time. Aside from the Coffee Mug charm, of which you can find multiple, each charm is unique. You can switch them out from your inventory at any time, though just be aware that the game doesn't pause while you do this, so it's best to make sure you're out of immediate danger before looking in your bags.

Here are the charms I've found so far:

  • Anchor charm: Chance to stun enemy on flashlight boost.
  • Coffee Mug charm: Saves you from death, but shatters in the process.
  • Coffee World Token charm: Increases quality and quantity of resources found.
  • Deer charm: Increase resilience against being staggered or interrupted.
  • Deerfest charm: Significantly increases time before Darkness Shields regenerate.
  • Hammer charm: Attacks stagger enemies more often.
  • Kalevala Knights charm: Increases Hand Flare's duration and area of effect.
  • Lantern charm: Adds one charge to Saga's flashlight.
  • Lighthouse charm: Increases max amount of health restored in Safe Havens.
  • Logan's charm: Increases maximum health.

Don't forget you can store your unused charms inside the shoebox in safe rooms if you need to free up inventory space—this might not seem like an issue early on but it becomes more so once you start picking up additional weapons.  

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