Aion update reduces grind, increases drop rate and adds new items


The MMO of winged immortals, Aion, received a big free expansion last year adding a new zone. Since then the 2.1 update has worked on making general changes to the drop rates and crafting systems, with the aim of reducing the amount of grinding in the game. Read on for an overview of the latest update.

The latest update is the second part of a massive 2.1 patch aimed at reducing the amount of grind in the game. The first part of the patch hit last November. Between the two patches, the following changes have been made.

First of all, drop rates have been increased dramatically, especially among named characters and characters in instances. These monsters will now drop more superior, heroic, fabled and eternal grade items. The general monsters roaming the world will also drop more loot, in particular equipment like stigma stones, mana stones, armour and weapons. While average common and superior grade item drop rates have only been increased slightly, the more powerful weapons at heroic and fabled grades will drop much more often.

Crafting has also been improved, with the addition of new craftable items. There are 338 new designs each for both of Aion's factions. The new designs will now be on sale at merchants throughout the world and crafting materials will be generally easier to come by. The aggressive NPC faction, the Balaur, will drop many more materials, including more Balaur organs, literally making the most evil faction in the game less heartless. There's also some good, coin-related news hidden in the patch notes: "For all types of coins except Iron Coins, reduced the number of Coins required to buy coin items."

There are also changes to the names of many items, spelling mistakes fixed in the quest text and many more small tweaks and changes to polish the game up. You'll find the full patch notes here , and more information on the game on the Aion site.

Tom Senior

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