Aftercharge, the 3v3 asymmetrical FPS, will hold an 'open alpha' next weekend

Aftercharge is a multiplayer FPS in which a team of three invisible robots does its best to wreck stuff, while a team of three invincible guards tries to stop them. Next weekend, you'll be able to judge for yourself how it's coming along, as developer Chainsawesome Games is holding a three-day "open alpha," which will be the game's first public playtest.   

"In Aftercharge, one team of three invisible robots works to destroy six energy extractors on the map, while another team of three indestructible (and heavily-armed) human(oid) guards attempts to stop them," the developers explained. "Each team features three class types uniquely suited to combat the opposing team’s individual abilities." 

"On the defending Enforcers team, choose between invincible guards Striker, Liquidator and Builder. When on the attack team as an invisible Workonics droid, dismantle extractors as Glitch, Bubbles and the newly revealed today, Cyclops. Alternate characters to explore new offensive and defensive tactical options and strengthen your team’s strategy." 

It's an odd concept, but one we played  back in June and it made a really positive impression: Maintaining gameplay balance is always an issue in asymmetrical shooters, "but central to Aftercharge’s hook is how the contrasting strategies of each side balances against the baseline boon of not being seen or not worrying about death," we wrote. Maybe you can't die, in other words, but it's still pretty easy to lose. 

The Aftercharge open alpha will run from October 13-15, while the full game is expected to be out in early 2018. More information about the game is up at, and we've got some screens and new gameplay footage below.

Andy Chalk

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