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After 200 hours of work, all 46 of Dark Souls 3's lore epitaphs have been found

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Lance McDonald is an indie dev turned hobbyist game engineer, who's spent the last few months uncovering cool Dark Souls cut content (opens in new tab). His latest investigation unearths the third game's removed lore epitaphs—of which there are 46 in total. 

In a video released earlier this month (opens in new tab), McDonald suggested that, besides Dark Souls 3's first four story-supporting epitaphs, the remainder were comprised of placeholder text. Prominent Souls figure Sanadsk then uncovered a database of completed epitaph text from the game's Japanese retail version, and McDonald then spent over 200 hours fully restoring the alpha blurbs in-game. 

That's showcased here:

I love stuff like this, and I especially enjoy McDonald's analysis against his previous findings. This is especially interesting here, given how far this particular discovery has come in the past few weeks. 

Some of McDonald's other discoveries have led us to believe Oceiros' baby wasn't always invisible (opens in new tab), and that Pontiff Sulyvahn may have once been Dark Souls 3's final boss (opens in new tab).  

More interesting still, McDonald has some "absolutely WEIRD" Dark Souls 3 cut content stuff coming up which he's keeping close to his chest for now. I'm intrigued. Needless to say, watch this space.