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Adr1ft will come to other, non-Oculus Rift VR platforms

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Adr1ft, the forthcoming space exploration game coming to both Oculus Rift and Steam, will also come to other VR platforms, the studio has confirmed. Still, it won't be coming to Steam's own VR platform, as the studio wishes to support Oculus's own marketplace at launch.

"ADR1FT doesn’t currently support Steam VR because we are working with and supporting Oculus and their entry into the marketplace," creator Adam Orth wrote on the game's website. "We’ve been working closely with Oculus for most of the development of ADR1FT and we want to support them as partners because we love them, their hardware and their vision for VR.

"It is entirely possible that this may change in the future, but we don’t have any information regarding that and it is entirely out of our hands as the software developer. These are decisions for the platform owners to make. We have no say in that whatsoever. Not even invited to the table read."

Still, its no show on Steam VR doesn't mean it won't work with other non-Oculus headsets in the future. "We are working on bringing ADR1FT to other VR platforms. We just aren’t ready to make any announcements about them yet," Orth wrote.

Adr1ft will launch on March 28 for both Oculus Rift and Steam. People who purchase the non-VR version on Steam will be entitled to a free Oculus Home key, in the event they end up wanting to play it in VR.

Shaun Prescott
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