Adorable dog dungeon crawler Fidel Dungeon Rescue gets a bunch of free content

One of the main reasons we started the Indie Channel was to try and cover as many cool indie games as possible. Alas, some games still slip through the cracks. Case in point: Fidel Dungeon Rescue, an adorable dungeon crawler that somehow passed us by. It just got a big free update, so now seems like a good time to fix this glaring omission.  

It's actually more of a puzzle game than a traditional dungeon crawler. "Find the perfect path through monsters and treasure," its Steam page advises. Basically, you trace a path and your dog protagonist runs it, fighting and looting along the way. It's all about drawing the most efficient path through increasingly difficult and harrowing dungeon floors, and it looks pretty distinctive. 

After its recent 2.0 update, Fidel Dungeon Rescue looks even better. First and foremost, the free update made the path planning phase a little longer and "more forgiving of mistakes so new players can experiment." It also added new worlds, biomes, monsters, sound effects and "[???]," which is always good. Fundamentals like inventory UI were also sharpened with 2.0. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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