Adata is pushing SSD capacities, plans to add a 2TB model to its popular SU800 line

Recent advancements in NAND flash memory are expected usher in larger capacity solid state drives at more attractive price points. Specifically, the move to 4-bit quad-level cell (QLC) memory is playing a key role here. This could have a trickle down effect on TLC-based drives, as we are seeing with Adata and its new 2TB model that it's adding to its Ultimate SU800 line.

Adata launched its Ultimate SU800 series around two years ago. It uses 3D triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash memory, paired with a Silicon Motion SM2258G controller. According to TechPowerUp, the new 2TB model (ASU800SS-2TT-C) will use the same combination of hardware.

The drive is said to deliver sequential transfer performance of up to 560MB/s for reads and 520MB/s for writes, and with an endurance of up to 1,600 TBW.

It will be interesting to see where pricing lands at. TechPowerUp says it's expected to sell for $379, which slightly lower than most other 2TB SSDs (except for off-brand models). However, reports in Japan peg the price at 30,990 yen, which is around $280 in US currency. We're crossing our fingers that Adata goes with the more aggressive price point. If so, it might find its way into our list of the best SSDs.

Paul Lilly

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