Acrobatic minimalist puzzler N++ set for Steam launch next week

Making good on its promise made earlier this year, the ultra fun/challenging puzzle platformer N++ is heading to PC next week. 

For those unaware, the intuitive puzzler N began life as a PC game way back in 2004. In 2008, a more sophisticated version, named N+, made its way to Xbox 360 consoles, as well as the PSP and Nintendo DS, before the brilliantly realised N++ arrived as a PS4-exclusive last year. 

As of August 25, PC players will now have the chance to frolic and flounder (and, trust me, fail) in its 2,360 hand-crafted levels; to take on its multitude of user-made custom stages; vie for top place in its global leader boards; join forces with mates in local four-player co-op; or tear them down in its local four-player competitive mode. 

Having sunk many, many hours into its PlayStation 4 guise over the past year or so, I’m really looking forward to watching an online community of canny and crafty level-makers grow around N++'s PC release. Here’s a glance what the game's level editor has in store: 

N++ is without a UK/Europe price tag for now, but will cost $14.99 when it lands August 25 on Steam