Achievements are starting to appear on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Achievements have been on the Epic Games Store's "to do" list for well over a year now, and it looks like they're finally set to arrive. Epic said today that "certain games" on the store may now start to display achievements as they're unlocked.

It's not the most carved-in-stone language I've ever read, but it does appear to be happening: I haven't noticed any, but my PC Gamer pal Morgan said that one popped in Ark: Survival Evolved on the Epic Store yesterday.

It's good to see the Epic Games Store making progress, even though I think achievements are largely a scourge. Predictably, however, not everyone responding to the tweet is impressed with the fact that it took this long to happen, and there's also confusion about which games actually support them: The Ark store page, for instance, makes no mention of achievements, and they're not viewable in the game store. Still, one step at a time and all that.

While Epic hasn't said anything more than the above tweet about the implementation of achievements, the Epic Games Store roadmap on Trello lists them as "Up Next," along with mod support for games, a "Trending" category on the storefront, and dynamic price adjustments for bundles. 

Update: An Epic rep said that Ark: Survival Evolved is the only game that currently has active achievements. Hopefully we'll see that list grow soon.

Andy Chalk

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