Acer’s new 485-pound 'gaming chair' has room for a PC and three monitors

Acer's been showcasing a bunch of new and updated items at IFA 2018, though none more wild than its Predator Thronos, an immersive cockpit that Acer hopes will compete for the best gaming chair, ahem, throne.

More specifically, Acer says the Predator Thronos "reimagines the gaming chair for a new level of gamer." It's made of steel and looms large, standing nearly 5 feet tall, and features an overhead brace supporting up to three 27-inch monitors. There's also space for a Predator gaming PC (or any desktop, really).

The seat (or more accurately, the cabin) reclines to 140 degrees. It also features "deep impact vibration" for a full-body rumble when you get blown to bits by a frag grenade or navigate rough terrain in a vehicle.

Other features include ergonomic seating and a foot rest. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like like it tilts or swivels (or fortunately, if you're sensitive to motion sickness).

"Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes more than a gaming chair—it’s a gamer’s cave," Acer says.

It's also undoubtedly going to be pricey, though Acer didn't say how much it will cost or when it plans to unleash this beast.

Here's a better look at the chair in action:

Paul Lilly

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