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How to complete the May Queen quest in Assassin's Creed Vahalla

AC Valhalla the May Queen
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Wondering how to complete The May Queen quest in Assassin's Creed Valhalla? The free Ostara Festival update arrived on March 18 and, along with a number of new activities, the update added the ability to change the appearance of Eivor's armor. While you can now look stylish as you slaughter some Saxons, some players are unhappy with how transmog works (opens in new tab)

But the Ostara Festival update added more than just the transmog feature, and it includes a number of new activities and quests to keep you busy in and around Ravensthorpe. So if you're at a loose end, or if you've already spoken to Mayda to get things started but are stuck wondering how to proceed, read on to find out all you need to know to complete the AC Valhalla's The May Queen quest.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

AC Valhalla The May Queen guide: How to locate the beast

When you head to your settlement in Ravensthorpe, you'll find the Ostara festival in full swing. In order to start The May Queen quest, locate Mayda at the quest marker and speak to her. She'll tell you that she's unhappy with a crown made of flowers and wants one made from a beast instead. As luck would have it, something has been killing the local wildlife, so Eivor sets off to hunt the predator down.

Tracking the quest will reveal that the location is near Venonis (opens in new tab), just to the west of Ravensthorpe. If you've unlocked the synchronisation point there, you can fast-travel to save time. Be careful though, a Zealot (opens in new tab) patrols the area.

As you get close to the quest marker on the map, it disappears, and Eivor comments that they should begin tracking. Use your Odin Sight around the area and you'll soon pick up the first clue located on the carcass of a bear. There's another clue close by, on a rock. Your Odin's Sight should pick it up when you're stood at the previous clue.

The next clue is a little trickier to locate. Keep heading west from the rock and you should locate another point of interest to examine, just on the other side of the dirt road. Once you've examined that, follow the bloody footprints that lead from the clue and you'll notice a man stood on a rock, just ahead. He asks for your help to defeat the beast—which actually turns out to be a chicken—so prepare yourself for a quick and easy fight. You can now return to Ravensthorpe and present Mayda her new crown.

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