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Absurdist RPG Hylics 2 will be out tomorrow, here's a weird trailer

Hylics was a surreal RPG by Mason Lindroth, as much an art gallery as a videogame. Writing about it for us, Giada Zavaris said, "The best moments of Hylics are when it reminds you that it's not truly a videogame, but more of a toy—when you're playing a song with friends, picking vegetables, building sandcastles on a beach. Small Interactions that make the environment melt and crumble under your touch. It's a small world, yet it feels more lively than bigger RPGs full of static, untouchable elements."

A sequel has been in the works for a couple of years now, and will be released tomorrow. The latest trailer is as weird as you'd expect from a game where you play a moon-faced golem who engages in Earthbound-esque RPG battles with attacks called Soul Crisper, Fate Sandbox, and Nematode, and you can apparently damage someone by eating a banana at them in a threatening manner.

Hylics 2 will be available on and Steam. Here's a summary of what it's about from the Steam page: "The tyrant Gibby’s minions seek to reconstitute their long-presumed-annihilated master. It’s up to our crescent headed protagonist Wayne to assemble a crew and put a stop to that sort of thing." So there you go.

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