Absolver's final closed beta is coming soon

If you’ve been craving a chance to dirty your knuckles with Absolver, then good news: the intriguing fighting game’s final closed beta is coming and you can sign up between now and June 16. 

Just pop over to the Absolver closed beta registration page to try your luck. 

I’ve been eager to take it for a spin myself, and Samuel’s E3 hand-on impressions from last year are very encouraging. 

“I’d never even heard of Absolver before booking an E3 appointment to play it this week, in all honesty. Now I can’t wait to see more of it in the run up to a 2017 release. Outside of Platinum Games, this is some of the most fun 3D fighting I’ve sampled in a while, and I can’t wait to challenge my friends in PvP - particularly those who had an affinity for the duels in the Jedi Knight games. This may be worthy of the games it wisely takes inspiration from.”

Are you lot going to be signing up? 

Absolver will be out on PC on August 29.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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