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Absolver update adds prestige system which allows players to respec

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One of the toughest things for new Absolver (opens in new tab) players to figure out is where to spend ability points. It isn't perfectly clear what's going to benefit you the most later, especially since you might switch fighting styles, and some attributes have diminishing returns after a certain level. Finally, we have a way to respec.

The Absolver 1.08 Halloween update is live now on Steam, and it adds a 'prestige' system which rewards level 60 players with 'crystals' they can use to reset attribute points. No need to start a new character from scratch if you're unhappy with your choices, then.

The update also adds six Halloween-themed masks, plus three regular masks, four new gear sets, and a rework to the loot system. Rather than receiving random drops in Combat Trials, players will be rewarded with tokens which can be redeemed for gear of varying rarity levels. Players can also now scrap inventory items they don't want to get rid of the clutter.

It's not a huge change, but developer Sloclap says it will "develop these new systems further in the weeks to come" with ways to change your gear's colors, acquire specific gear, change your character appearance, and get new emotes.

I'm a little disappointed by the idea of spending an in-game currency to get items, because I already liked Absolver's loot system, which was based entirely on random drops and made my loot feel special—but admittedly that had problems, too, as the RNG just did absolutely nothing for some players.

There are many more changes and fixes, and you can see them all in the patch notes (opens in new tab). Absolver is currently 20 percent off during the Steam Halloween sale (opens in new tab). Don't go looking for a big singleplayer campaign, but if you like tough 1v1 multiplayer fighting games I recommend it (opens in new tab).

Tyler Wilde
Tyler Wilde

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