Absolver teases sophisticated customisation system

From its comprehensive combat system, to its staggered drunk-like brawling and intricate weapon disarming mechanics, Absolver wants players to have options when facing off against foes. Now, its latest trailer depicts how you'll customise your characters on the battlefield. 

"Some prospects arrive at Tower Point wearing clothes from their regions of origins and area allowed to keep them," explains the narrator below. "Others arrive in rags without having even having carved a mask for themselves. To these, plain clothes are given as well as a basic apprentice mask, to be enchanted in the folding ceremony."

The narrator goes on to explain that each item has a specific weight and defensive parametres, and that certain gear can be obtained from fallen opponents post-battle. 

Absolver also promises "thousands" of combinations, whereby players will balance efficiency, protection and style as they best see fit. 

Onto some moving pictures: 

Absolver is due August 29—more information can be found via its official site.