Absolver's weapon disarming mechanics and Tension Shard-powered attacks look neat

Absolver's latest trailer tells us to "use powers and weapons judiciously is critical to defeat your opponents", however I'm most looking forward to its drunken brawling Zui Khan fighting style. Nevertheless, how'll you'll disarm opponents and leverage Tension Shards to unleash powerful attacks looks pretty neat as the martial arts-leaning ARPG eyes its August 29 release. 

In a "flurry of targeted blows", so explains the narrator below, players can catch their adversaries off-guard and steal their weapons in turn. "When a fighter is disarmed, their opponents are able to pick up the weapon and use it against them."

As for the game's so-called 'Tension Shards', these absorb tension and collect the "unseen energy generated during combat". This in turn can be used for powerful attacks variable by deck. 

Healing damage and stamina-draining abilities are hinted at above, however the narrator underscores the shards' scope for interchangeable, mix-and-match-like combat—both ahead of battle and during hostile exchanges on the fly. 

Again, Absolver is due on PC August 29.