A third of Cyberpunk 2077 digital preorders on PC have been on GOG

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

A third of Cyberpunk 2077's digital preorders on PC have been made on GOG, according to developer and platform owner CD Projekt Red. An exact figure hasn't been given, but the reception to the recent release date announcement and Keanu's E3 cameo almost certainly ensures that the numbers are pretty big. 

"Thank you for your support—it's breathtaking," CD Projekt Red said on Twitter, repeating a phrase that will absolutely follow the John Wick star around for at least another year. I really wouldn't be surprised to see Johnny Silverhand, his character in Cyberpunk, referred to as breathtaking as a nod one of E3's most memorable moments. 

In February, we heard that GOG was facing financial difficulties and had laid off several staff. A statement from the company called it "rearranging" but a former employee said it was "dangerously close to being in the red" and potentially under pressure from the Epic Games Store, which had just launched and was offering more attractive terms to developers. But lately, things have been looking rosier. 

GOG Galaxy 2.0, for instance, seems very promising and could be a solution for people tired of juggling multiple launchers. It aims to merge all the platforms into one super platform and is currently in beta. 

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney congratulated GOG in a tweet, adding that it proved the multi-store future had arrived and that GOG Galaxy will unite the PC gaming community instead of fracturing it. Whatever your feelings are about the Epic Games Store, it's an unusual way to frame the news. GOG has been around for over a decade, and while Steam has dominated that entire period it's had to share customers with a multitude of stores and platforms. The Epic Games Store has also been accused of fragmenting PC gaming, which people in the tweet's replies were quick to point out. 

Cyberpunk 2077 is due out on April 16, 2020, but while the demos have been impressive, don't buy a game nine months before it comes out. 

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