A Story About My Uncle coming to Steam in 2014

In 2012 a team of student developers was nominated for Game of the Year in the Swedish Game Awards. Their game--really a short demo--was A Story About My Uncle, a machinegun-less first-person platformer about a boy in search of his lost uncle. Today, the team announced that it founded Gone North Games, a new studio that will bring a full version of A Story About My Uncle to Steam in 2014 with the help of Coffee Stain Studios, developer of Sanctum .

“Coffee Stain Studios is primarily a developer, not a publisher,” Coffee Stain's Game Designer and PR Manager Armin Ibrisagic said in a press release. “Other indie devs have approached us before, but we've been hard to convince. However, once we got a chance to play a demo of A Story About My Uncle, we were hooked. We just HAD to help these guys finish the development and publish the game on Steam.”

A Story About My Uncle's core mechanic has you swinging through levels with its grappling hook. Imagine a first person Bionic Commando, or the upcoming Energy Hook . Back in 2012 you could skip the imagining and just play through the same demo that was nominated for the Swedish Game Awards, but Gone North has decided to stop advertising and supporting it with the announcement of the full version.

“This is because we no longer feel that the demo is an accurate representation of the game,” Gone North said on its official site . “A lot has changed since then and we have added and updated tons of things in the game: prolonged and enhanced the story and narration, optimized and added levels to the game, reworked assets and characters among other things.”

There's always room for another first-person game where the focus is not making things dead, so it'll be great to try A Story About My Uncle when it comes out. You can get a feel for the core concept by watching the demo's trailer below.