A reworked Nier Replicant, the predecessor to Nier Automata, is coming to PC

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix has announced that a remastered Nier Replicant, the cult classic predecessor to smash success Nier Automata, is coming to PC via Steam. So far Square Enix has only released a teaser for the new version, appropriately and oddly titled "NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…" It's being developed by Toylogic in cooperation with Square Enix and Nier series developer Platinum Games. The game was described by Square Enix producer Yusuke Saito as a "version up" rather than a remake or remaster: The new version will include fully voiced lines, new content, new music by the original composer, and even the possibility of a new ending. Nier got lukewarm reception from critics at release, but interest in the game has grown after the smash success of related game Nier Automata. Here’s the rather moody teaser: 

Nier Automata is technically a sequel to Nier Replicant, but neither game relies on the other for the story or events to make sense. The game is a pretty bog-standard action RPG with some detours into other genres, and comes from before the frenetic and flashy combat that Platinum is now known for—I’d expect that to change in a "version up" of the game. Nier Replicant follows the story of a boy in a near-future apocalypse looking to cure his younger sister’s illness. Obviously, like most JRPGs, the story becomes significantly more complex from there. Replicant was one of two versions of the game, the other being Gestalt, and was Japan exclusive.

There’s no indication of a release date on the game at this time, though it is confirmed as coming to Steam.

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