A Resident Evil 8 development build has apparently leaked

(Image credit: Capcom)

A development build for Resident Evil 8 has apparently leaked. The ransomware attack against Capcom continues to result in a slow leak of internal documents and software, of which this is just the latest. 

Screenshots have appeared across multiple forums and social media which appear to be from an internal development build of Resident Evil 8: Village, as they include development metrics on-screen. One of these images appears above with the metrics cropped out. This leak follows a leak of Village's supposed April release date last month. Both of these leaks have presumably come about as a result of Capcom refusing to pay hackers' ransom demands.

The ransomware attack was first reported in early November, and while Capcom at first believed no customer data was compromised, they later found that large amounts of personal data may actually have been compromised. 

Some images have been posted to this Imgur page, which was first linked on Reddit. Other caches of images appear on various web boards. 

Spoilers, possibly: The screenshots show a bat-winged monster of some kind with a human torso, a vampire-looking lady, and a few images of an unknown woman. Several images revolve around a baby and the trappings of raising a baby, implying that the child likely serves some major purpose in the plot. 

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