A Razer Edition motherboard is the cherry on top of your RGB battlestation

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The final frontier for Razer in the PC space is to offer actual components, having already tackled keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers, and a range of other products (even toasters). Taking a step in that direction, Razer intends to sell a line of AM4 motherboards for AMD's Ryzen processors.

This was one of the many announcements at its inaugural RazerCon event over the weekend. It is also part of a bigger play to RGB all the things, as it has been doing. And it ties in with its Chroma Connect program consisting of over 50 third-party hardware partners, including new additions WD Black, Seagate Gaming, Yeelight, and Twinkly.

Razer's goal is to expand its Chroma RGB lighting ecosystem far beyond its own peripherals. And so "to help natively control the growing list of connectable devices," Razer announced it is partnering with ASRock to bring the first Razer Edition motherboards to market.

These will basically be custom versions of ASRock's Taichi boards. Razer plans to launch multiple models, all based on AMD's X570 and B550 chipsets, at least initially. The company did not say if it intends to offer Intel compatible motherboards at some point.

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"The boards are the first of their kind, offering native Razer Chroma RGB support and universal compatibility with thousands of addressable RGB (ARGB) components. DIY PC builders with multiple ARGB components can now easily sync every component with their Razer peripherals with just the Razer Synapse 3 app," Razer says.

Razer's timing comes on the heels of AMD announcing its Ryzen 5000 series CPUs (Zen 3), which are set to debut to retail next month. In anticipation, motherboard makers have already started pushing out BIOS updates to ensure compatibility with their 500-series boards.

In any event, if you're a die hard Razer fan, you could stick this into a Razer case, kick back on your Razer Iskur gaming chair, and tell everyone about your setup by speaking into your Razer Seiren Mini microphone that is plopped next to your Razer Sneki Snek plushie.

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