Razer unveils its first gaming chair, the Razer Iskur

The Razer community just won't quit. It's been a key proponent behind getting Razer into the kitchen utility game with the Razer toaster, and now it appears that its constant badgering for a gaming chair has paid off. That's right folks, Razer has launched its first gaming chair, the Razer Iskur, during its inaugural Razercon.

From the back the Razer chair looks like your regular gaming chair. It's got that faux racing seat aesthetic, for better or for worse, and it comes in the usual green and black garb you'd expect. But it's in how the Iskur supports your back that it is a little different to the rest.

Ergonomics starts with lumbar support. Sitting down for prolonged periods isn't good no matter what chair you choose, but you can make the time in between standing or breaks from your desk a little less taxing on your vertebrae with a decent chair that offers effective lumbar support.

Razer's approach with the Iskur will see it integrate a curved back support up the lower rear back rest of the chair, thus achieving a neutral spine position and avoiding slouching.

The Iskur also comes with 4D armrests, which offer a wide range of adjustment, and will support players up to 6.2' and 136kg (299 lbs). It's made from multi-layered synthetic leather and the rear back cushion is made from high density foam cushion. A memory foam head cushion is also included, and Razer insists that will keep you at optimal line of sight for gaming at a desk.

Sitting comfortably?

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Razer's approach with the Iskur is certainly a new one for us, and we're keen to put it to the test against the adjustable lumbar supports found today. The chair is available now on Razer.com for $499 (€500), and will be available at select other retailers later this year.

You really will want one of the best gaming chairs around if you intend to use it all day, and that isn't necessarily a gaming chair, either. There are plenty of office chairs that make for great substitutions too. So whether you're a fan of Razer's gear or not, make sure to take care of your back. Check out our ergonomics how-to to make sure you're set up to play in the healthiest way possible. 

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